Web Data Mining

Act Intelligent – Secure Proven Data Mining Services for a Flourishing Business in this Competitive World by Ammaiya!

Does searching for pertinent business information on the web makes you feel frustrated? World Wide Web is full of valuable data, but search engines can't explore requisite results for you. At Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd, we supply result-oriented data mining solutions that offer you with appropriate data for your business, from anywhere on the Internet!

Data mining aims to extractprominent information from the Web. For this, it employs acouple of software and algorithm for collecting, analyzing, and verifying information from the massive Web pool. With business environment turning out to be more dynamic, every entity aims to obtain and execute information that can bring lucrative ROI to their business. The data assembled by us is usable for e-commerce, direct marketing, financial aid, managing customer relationships, and more.

Understanding business needs of today, we at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd generate scripts to data mine highly complex and intricate databases to gather theinformation that can excellently serve our customer's business concerns. We've been doing this for many years and possess theexpertise to analyze spider's behavior and wrest data of high precision, reliability, and veracity from innumerable websites.

Immaculate Data Mining Services at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd!

  • Accumulating rich data based on prerequisites given by clients from countless websites by automated and manual processes.
  • Carrying customized scripts for gathering data from sites incorporated with mass volume of data, for saving cost and time.
  • Populating collected information into preferred output formats such as MS access, MS Excel, CSV, or more, as according to our client's specifications.
  • Delineating mailing lists with apt information like address, fax, contact details, website, and more, for promotional campaigns and advertisements.
  • Collecting details of products like quantity, description, photos or images from innumerable sites or online catalogs, and integrate them into CMS or online portals.
  • Checking product related updates like availability, prices, specifications, and more, and updating thedatabase with suitable information.

Why Hire Ammaiya!

We havelong-term experience in carrying spider-based data mining. From tools to bandwidth, to knowledge, we have it all. Whether yours is a newproject, or you are an established brand, we can deliver you with quick data mining solutions of outstandingexcellence.
We can analyze and extract information from incalculable sites. From one to million, we can deliver you with an in-depth research.
We are well behaved when scrutinizing a website. We never carry abusive access and, therefore, websites are not able to know that they have been mined.

DATA is simply a collection of texts, images, and numbers; at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd​ we assist our customers make sense of data to engender actionable information.

We are globally acknowledged web design and development company in India, supplying seamless data mining services. You can know more about our solutions at - contact@ammaiya.in.