Silverlight Development Solutions by Ammaiya – Your Way to developing Interactive and Dynamic Mobile Apps and Websites!

Introduced by Microsoft, Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser.NET based framework useful for developing robust web integrated applications. Dynamic and rich business and media applications are possible with Silverlight for mobiles, desktop, and websites. It is a free plug-in backed by Microsoft Framework. Silverlight not only holds excellent compatibilitywith multiple devices, browsers, and operating units, butit is also an amazing technology that helps to save on-site testing, and therefore, on-site development cost.The launch of Silverlight has reduced the distance between website applications and traditional desktop applications.

Ammaiya's Silverlight Expertise!

Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd is a leading site design and development company in India that is endowed with a proficient development team with extensive knowledge about Silverlight Technology. Silverlight developers at our company create opulentinternet applications that offer incredible functionality and amazinguserexperience. At Ammaiya, we offer solutions for creating customized Silverlight functionalities and supply dynamic web applications that precisely cater client's requirements and needs.

Microsoft Silverlight Development Services Offered by Ammaiya!

  • Rich Internet Applications Development with Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Versatile AJAX-based applications design and deploying.
  • Multimedia Internet-Based solutions development (audio albums and custom videos)
  • We also offer interactive Silverlight Services for Windows Mobile.
  • Customization and Development of various web widgets.
  • Integrate Silverlight plug-in with ongoing web applications.
  • Development of website and web portals with video/audio playback and 2D animations.
  • Development of online games and numerous sorts of Silverlight supported development solutions.

Benefits of Implementing Silverlight Development Services!

  • You can avail cross browser and cross platform applications with Silverlight applications.
  • You can secure excellent user interface design.
  • A powerfulVisualStudio like IDE.
  • The runtime of Silverlight for few mobile platforms.
  • Comfortable adaptability for.NET development community.
  • Approval from search engines.
  • WPF, LINQ, and WCF supportive design patterns and frameworks.

Ammaiya's Advantage in Silverlight Consulting!

Developers at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd are well-versed in working with intricate projects employing Silverlight and .NET Technologies. Our in-house team of developers holdsqualitative experience in WPF and WCF framework.We not only follow CMMI process for managing our projects, but we are a reputed Microsoft Silverlight Partner.

We are not only website designers and developers but are competent tech professionals who can develop flawless websites and apps based on Silverlight and .NET, technology!

You may contact us at - if you wish to outsource our Silverlight Development Solutions or if you want to hire our Silverlight programmer or developer. We can also provide you with high-end consultation solutions for the same.