Project Confidentiality

Understanding the secrecy and importance of our client's confidential information, we ensure to utilize the information provided by us in the most efficient way. We consider our customer's confidentiality as a crucial element in sustaining a long-term relationship with our customers. We offer the guarantee to protect our customer's IP during the entire project cycle.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) with Employees

  • It is vital for all employees to sign an inventions agreement and proprietary information at the time of joining. Separate NDAs are also signed with each and every employee while joining.
  • Employees cannot utilize any sort of unfair or unaccepted practices upon engaging in any external business during employment or termination of employment.
  • Employees may not disclose any copyrighted information indirectly or directly to anyone outside the company or project team, or use, publish, copy, remove, or summarize such data from the company officials.
  • Any vital information received from the clients or third parties is held in stringent confidence and employees are not granted to use or disclose it, except as essential to perform her/his obligations as to mandatory with third parties.
  • Any adequate records and 'invention ideas' has to be revealed to the company and all records and information pertaining to any process, idea, service mark, technology, trademark, design, original work of authorship, discovery, formula, patent, computer program, or copyright developed or conceived has to be instantly shared with the company.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with Customers

To maintain the confidentiality and security of information, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is executed by our company with the client. All personal information is duly respected. Our resources deliberately explain,

  • What information is required from the client?
  • What is the purpose of collecting it?
  • How we will utilize it and what are the steps involved in protecting it?
  • With whom the information sharing process will be carried – for security and legal issues?
  • Rights for access to their information
  • Levels of risks associated with this (unauthorized alteration, data loss, and more.)

Confidential Document Control

  • Direct access to public mail systems is not allowed, and CD disk and floppy disk drives/writers are restricted on all desktops. For using the respective drives, it is vital to secure prior written permission from the project manager.
  • We carry a random check of emails that are sent from an official mailbox that surpasses allowed size (with or without attachments).

Notification of Changes

We will post any alterations to this Confidentiality Policy 30 days prior to their actual date so that you always notice of the information that we gather, how we utilize it, and under what state of affairs, if any, do we disclose it. You are responsible for time checking our site for alterations to this Confidentiality Policy. You may deny of any posted change made to our use, collection, or disclosure of your private information by sending an mail to us.

For any queries concerning this Policy, feel free to contact us at -

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