Prepress Services

Expand your business potentials by streamlining your prepress strategy to outstanding efficiency and higher profits with fabulous prepress services by Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd!

Prepress is an extensive term exercised in the publishing and printing industry that includes an array of procedures such as copyediting, typesetting, designing plates, proofreading, and many more. With tremendous technological advancement, most of the resulted prepress deliveries are made as electronic layouts like PDF, and more, as compared to actual prints. To ensure that the overall prepress service carries out uninterruptedly, it becomes a necessity to hire professional experts in this field.

Almost all organizations outsource their prepress requirements to get convenient access to proficient workers. Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd is a well-known web development company grounded in India, which you can hire to excellently meet your prepress, outsource requirements. The company can deliver you with competitive solutions in very less turnaround time. Some top-notch prepress services supplied by Ammaiya are DTP services, Typesetting services, artworks, revamping old documents, and Image processing.

Renowned globally as a prestigious prepress service provider we offer professionally stunning and superior quality images from untreated digital images. You can hire us if you are searching for a team that can deliver incredible solutions as according to your needs and precise details!

Areas Dedicatedly Focused by Us Are!

  • Employing hi-tech editing tools to accentuate, sharpen, dodge, burn, saturate, and smudge.
  • Beautifying facial features by decreasing or increasing exposure in specific areas.
  • Making the background blur or subdue it for altering the focal point.
  • Changing lighting direction as according to requisites.
  • Remodeling the background.
  • Concealing imperfections, dust, and scratches in a portrait.
  • Utilizing layer masks for combining varying photos.
  • Diminishing the effect of film grain.

The Ammaiya Advantage!

  • • Our prepress solutions are backed by vast experience and unbeatable expertise coupled with anefficacious delivery system that result in ahuge business value, and enablecost saving to around 50%.
  • • We have profoundly invested in our technologies and infrastructure to deliver you with paramount prepress solutions.
  • • Our prepress services are theresult of dedicated practices followed by our professionals, which we aim to innovate continually as in accordance with upcoming alterations.
  • • We are a hallmarked brand known for delivering prepress solutions that can conveniently match up your dynamic business needs.

We employ fully automated techniques to carry our prepress services. You can hire Ammaiya if you wish to avail services of professionals at pocket-friendly prices!

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