Preflight Management

Want To Preflight Your Job Profile! Make Sure You Hire Experienced And Talented Personnel Only!

Don't want to meet any mistake with your job then hire Preflight Management Services by market-leading professionals at Ammaiya. Preflight management scrutinizes your complete job documents and files to recognize and rectify potential issues before the documents go to a final presentation. The term 'preflight' is borrowed by printers from air flight pilots, which they exercise before takeoff.

Just like adequate preflight delivers smooth, hassle-free, and successful air travel, similarly accurate preflight services makes sure that your job is precisely output in less turnaround time. The preflight management services offered at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd concerns with testing and verification of all attributes of a job to be sure that further progressing steps of completing the job process are carried uninterruptedly. Poorly delineated documents with missing or improper page elements such as CMYK vs. RGB, embedded fonts, image resolution, and more are corrected forprecise output.

The Preflight phenomenon is around for quite some time. Novel products software assists print companies and designers alike to discover trouble issues in a file. Confirming that the documents are preflight by experts makes the overall process hassle-free for everyone. The Ammaiya preflight services focusmore on printing and designing and not only on just fixing the bad files!

Our Preflight Services Checklist!

  • Checking for typographical errors.
  • Ensure that your file contains all vital fonts and images.
  • Outlining a list of all documents in your file.
  • Accurately regulating your page margins, orientation, and dimensions.
  • Avoid creating ink bleeds on the paper.
  • Deleting unwanted objects and colors from the pasteboard.
  • Precisely formatting your images with adequate color and resolution setting.
  • Including a printed sample with thefile.
  • Make sure that all instructions are clearly presented.

We are a famous web design and development companyin India. If you hire our preflight services, then your job files presentation will be our responsibility!

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